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5 Tips on Choosing the Best Colour Combinations for Painting the Exterior of a Commercial Building

Choosing a colour, or colours, for the exterior of a commercial building you should take notice of a lot of factors.  A commercial building is seen by many people.  Personnel and clients can be drawn towards the building or they may try to rather avoid it.  Aesthetic properties, as well as the effect of the colour choices you decided on, can have a psychological effect on a person.

You need to consider all the different facts to ensure your paint colour choices will draw clients, rather than discourage them to enter your building of business.

5 Tips to help you pick your Exterior Paint Colours:

  1. Think about the type of client you want to draw: Certain colours conjure certain reactions.  A bright orange can draw attention and announce a certain place for bargains.  You would not use that for an elegant high-class showroom for unique furniture.
  2. Colour-code your specific business: Different colours are associated with different psychological reactions.  When your business should call customers to buy outdoor furniture, you won’t use blacks and greys, you would rather use yellow, green, blue, etc.  Red makes you feel hungry, green is calming, yellow is sunny, and like this, all colours have a certain connotation to something else.
  3. Choose your accent colour in a hue that is a little lighter or darker: Certain colours just compliments each other but to stay safe on the exterior of a building, rather use colours of the same hue, for instance, dark grey with a light grey or white, a light green with dark green trimmings.  There are many combinations you can choose from.  You can also apply bright and colourful; it all depends on the atmosphere and style you want to generate.
  4. Complementary colours can convey a lot about your business: Again, a little play with colour goes a long way to draw the type of client you want to engage.  Different colours are associated with different meanings and will draw different psychological reactions.  Blue is the colour to represent respectability and calmness, brown for trustworthiness and so forth.
  5. Always keep in mind the reaction a colour can cause and the atmosphere you need to convey: When you use all these tips when choosing your exterior wall colour will ensure that you draw the clientele that you need and that their reactions will be positive towards your business.

Choosing your colours well will not only draw those customers you want but will also let your commercial building stand out amongst its neighbours.

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Things you need to Consider when Picking out your Paint Scheme for a Commercial Building

You have to follow a quite different approach when you pick out paint and colour schemes for a commercial building.  For a home, you would choose colours to suit your preferences and uses the colours you like best.  Certain criteria in choosing paint for home or a commercial building do stay the same, for instance, quality materials and workmanship and warranties.

The Difference will come in the following choices:

  1. A commercial building is quite a bit bigger than a home: Neutral colours may be a better option for the larger type of building.  Neutral colours can blend with almost all other colours.  A neutral colour will help your commercial structure to blend in with the surroundings.  Neutral colours on the building will also provide an ideal background for your business’s logo, making it stand out and draw attention.

The choice of colour may also be influenced by rules and regulations if it is situated in a closed group of buildings or has a historic status.  A governing body must approve paint colour and specifics.  In the case of historic buildings, it would be expected of you to keep to the original colour palettes and also the approval of the city.

  1. Consider the Style, architecture and the Exterior Materials used: Firstly consider the architecture, for instance, is it a modern building or an older one.  Choose a colour that will serve your business but also take the style of the building into consideration.  You will use different colours on a Victorian style building than you would use on a modern one.

The materials are also important.  Some styles of buildings only use paint for trimmings around windows and doors and as accent points.  And, again, if this is a building with a historic status, you will need to follow the rules for a specific style and type of material and the correct type and colour of paint.

  1. Take a look at the Surroundings: Your commercial building might be surrounded by other commercial buildings, maybe looking the same, or just differing a little from each other.  If your building is situated in an office park or an industrial park that is run by a governing body, you should look for ways to choose your paint scheme and colours, although, mostly the same, to be drawing the eye because of its uniqueness.

Commercial buildings might need more careful consideration, in certain circumstances, but there is no need that you have to disappear into the surroundings.  There is always a little something different you can do without breaking the ground rules.

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Painting your Commercial Building’s Exterior is a very Cost-effective way of Maintaining its Appearance

Painting the exterior of a building, any building, a home, commercial, industrial, and more, will revive its appearance.  Painting turns out to be the form of maintenance that is the most cost-effective.  Painting will change and revitalize your commercial building’s exterior to shine like a bright penny again.

Positive outcomes that Painting your Commercial Building will achieve:

  1. A Fresh Paint Job will attract attention; keeping up the appearance of your building might attract new tenants and might also retain tenants for you. When a property is maintained regularly it encourages the tenants to stay put, rather than looking for new space.
  2. Improving your building’s appearance; first impressions always last longer when it is uniquely effective. You can do a lot with a brush and paint.  And painting is the cheapest way by far.  A paint job well done can draw the eye of possible new customers, and can also outshine your neighbouring commercial buildings in looking fresh and clean.
  3. Painting will protect your Property for Years to come; a fresh new cover of paint will protect your property’s exterior for the foreseeable future. When done by a skilled contractor, they will guarantee all the work done and ensure that they did a flawless job.  Before painting they will ready the surfaces by completely cleaning all areas, sanding rough areas, filling in holes and caulking all gaps.  A solid seal will be one of your positive outcomes.

Painting the exterior of your commercial building might turn out to be a very wise decision to make; you will upgrade your building.  Renewing the building’s paint job every four to five years will also keep your tenants and clients satisfied.

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